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Gameday I – 30.7.


Great Britain will be awarded a default victory in the fixture and will face the winners of the Canada vs Australia match-up

Game II - 13:00

Canada vs. Australia


Canada to victory in the opening game of the women´s world championships

In the opening game of the Women’s World Cup, Canada, ranked second coming in the championship, took a clear victory over Australia with a score of 33-6 (20-6).

 As a favorite going into the game, Canada took a 6-0 lead on the team’s first offensive drive when Laurence Pontbriand caught quarterback Maude Lacasse’s four-yard throw in the end zone. Australia responded quickly, taking the ball to the endzone with a catch by Jordan Di Mizio and the throw by quarterback Isabella Paholek. Both teams missed their first extra-point attempts.

 Canada’s second TD came in the second quarter of the game on a run by Hallie Eggie. Canada’s defense was responsible for the last scoring points of the second half, when Nura Muhindo managed to recover a fumble in the Australian endzone. Canada went into halftime with a 20–6 lead.

 Moving on, Canada’s kicker Kristie Elliot was responsible for the only scoring performance in the third quarter, who succeeded in a 25-yard field goal, moving the team to a 23-6 lead. Also, Elliot kicked another 3-pointer late in the game.

 In the fourth quarter, Canada managed to score a TD once on a run by Sarah Wright’s and sealed the game 33-6.

 Canada’s Joanie Duchesneau finished with 8 tackles, and Australia’s Dania Herdman also finished with the same performance, with 8 tackles as well.

 The MVP awards were presented to Canada’s quarterback Maude Lacasse, who threw for 177 yards and one TD, and to Australian wide receiver Jordan Di Mizio.

 With their victory, Canada has secured their spot in semi-final games.

Game III - 16:30

Finland vs. Sweden


Finland with a strong opening victory in the IFAF Women’s World Championship

Finland’s women’s football team had a big win over Sweden in the second game of the Women’s World Championship in Vantaa with a Final score 49-0 (21-0).

Finland, ranked fourth coming in the Championship, made a statement win over Sweden in the World Championship game played on Saturday. Finland went into the game as favorites, even though the teams’ previous meeting in 2019 had ended with the Swedes winning 14–28.

Finland’s defense kept the Swedes out of their endzone in the first half of the game. The offense took a while to get in rhythm, but after getting up to speed, the Finns managed to score three touchdowns. The rock-hard front line of the Finnish defense pushed Sweden to negative yards in the opening half and didn’t allow significant progress through the air. Team Sweden’s running backs were tackled behind the line of scrimmage for nine times in the game.

Finland’s scoring started by Tytti Kuusinen, who took a two-yard run to the endzone. The other two touchdowns of the first half were scored by Laura Pulkkinen and Emmi Järn. In addition to her role as a running back, Pulkkinen, who kicked extra points, was unerring throughout the game with 7 total PATs scored. The Finns went into the halftime with a 21-0 lead.

 Tytti Kuusinen’s three touchdowns

In the second half, Finland’s dominance continued. Finland’s star running back Tytti Kuusinen, who was unstoppable at times, played a big role in the offense. Kuusinen’s second touchdown and Pulkkinen’s successful extra point in the third quarter of the match moved Finland to a bigger lead of 28-0. Janika Nikander was responsible for the Finn’s second touchdown in the third quarter. Nikander intercepted Swedish quarterback Linda Widberg’s throw and took it to the endzone.

 The home team’s strong performance also continued in the last quarter of the game. Finland’s sixth touchdown was completed by running back Mari Jääskelä with her five-yard run, and Tytti Kuusinen sealed the final score of the match 49–0 with her third touchdown of the night.

 Finland’s dominance is shown in the offense’ statistics as the offense carried the ball for total of 302 yards in the game, while the corresponding figure for Sweden was only 21. Credit for Sweden’s small yardage accumulation goes to the defense, which played a great game, where almost 20 players managed to record tackles. Laura Pekkarinen stopped the opponent 3.5 times and Evi Laajapuro three times. Laajapuro and Nikander, who scored after intercepting the ball.

 Finland’s three-goal running back Tytti Kuusinen and Swedish defender Elin Thimfors were awarded as the MVPs of the game.

 The victory over Sweden ensured Finland a place in the semifinals round of the World Championships. Finland’s opponent for Wednesday’s 16:30 semifinal game will be decided in Saturday night’s USA-Germany game.

Game IV - 19:30

USA vs. Germany


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The USA crushed Germany on the opening day of the Women´s World Championship

The United States, which came to Vantaa World Championship pre-favorite, was overwhelmingly dominant in its opening game against Germany. The reigning world champions won the evening match with a crushing score of 63-0 (35-0).

The Americans started their ball rally right at the beginning of the game, taking a 21-0 lead in the first quarter. Maria Jackson succeeded in her touchdowns with her catch, Brittany Bushman with her run and Kristen London with her pass interception. Jackson caught his second touchdown in the second quarter of the game and halftime score 35-0 was completed by running back Dajah Scott with a one-yard run.

The second half continued with USA’s dominance. The touchdowns were scored by wide receiver Jana Meister twice and quarterback Tori Tucker and running back Adrianna Gutierez once.

The USA advanced 473 yards in the game while holding the German offense to 17 yards. The US defense dominated the offensive line and didn’t give the Germans room to run and the quarterback time to throw successes.

Among the defenders, Kristen London of the United States caught two interceptions in the game. Germany’s Dora Jung recorded the most tackle marks with her 15.5 stops.

USA`s QB Brittany Bushman and German DB Dora Jung were awarded MVP´s  of their teams.

The United States continues with its victory in the medal games and will face Finland in the semi-final game on Wednesday at 4:30 pm. Germany’s fate remains to play for places 5-8. Germany’s further program will be decided when we get more information about the situation of the Mexican team.