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World Championship


The American Football Association of Finland is excited to play the host to the IFAF Women’s Football World Championships in the summer 2022. The Championship will be held in the Myyrmäki Football Stadium in Vantaa, right outside Helsinki with the teams arriving on July 28th and first game of the week being played on the 30th.

During the twelve games we will see the reigning European Champion Finland battle for the World Championship with the defending champions from 2017, Team USA, the previous silver medalist Canada and bronze medalist Mexico, as well as European silver medalist Sweden from 2019 and bronze medalist Great Britain. Germany and Australia are also joining the competition for the prestigious title of World Champions 2022. 

The event will be a great opportunity for the Finnish Association and IFAF to showcase their efforts in sustainability. “The 2022 IFAF World Championship will offer a tremendous showcase for IFAF and our members,” said IFAF President Pierre Trochet. “On the field we will see exceptional talent competing for gold and off the field we have the opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to delivering greener events.”