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Gameday III – 7.8.

Placement Game I - 10:00

Sweden vs. Australia


Ruutu player: Sweden – Australia

Internationally: AFI Review


Post game press conference: Sweden-Australia

Team Australia outlasted Team Sweden 7-0 in an evenly matched game. Neither team was able to create a noticeable advantage throughout the game, but Team Australia did manage to score the only points of the game to get the win.

Team Sweden and Team Australia both spent the first half of the game feeling each other out in all phases of the game. Team Sweden controlled the pace of the first half, with two scoring opportunities afforded to them by Team Australia miscues.

In the second quarter, a muffed punt return by Team Australia gave Team Sweden the ball on the 31 yard line of their opponents. Unfortunately, Team Sweden squandered the opportunity with a high snap over their quarterback’s head that put them back to the 50 yard line. From there, the drive ended in another of many punts for Team Sweden.

Team Sweden would get another scoring chance with 1 second remaining in the half. Due to a miscommunication between the center and quarterback on a fourth down snap, Team Australia turned the ball over to Team Sweden on their 19 yard line, with 0:01 left on the clock. Selma Linden attempted a 36 yard field goal that was unsuccessful.

In two quarters highlighted by 11 punts, the score remained Sweden – 0, Australia – 0 at halftime.

The third quarter would be a continuation of Team Sweden and Team Australia trading punts. Late in the quarter Team Australia grabbed momentum with a big 22-yard run by receiver Riley Hodgson on a jet sweep. They used that momentum and an uptempo-no huddle strategy to move the ball outside of the Team Sweden’s 30 yard line, where their drive stalled.

With 9 minutes remaining in the game, Team Australia running back Casey Byrne broke a defender’s tackle and never looked back as she raced 74 yards for the only score of the game. Marissa Hayes successfully kicked the extra point attempt, making the final score SWEDEN – 0, AUSTRALIA – 7.


Most Valuable Players

  • Sweden – Defensive Back Frida Åkesson
  • Australia – Running Back Casey Byrne


Top Performers


  • (Swe) RB, Anna Hedström – 14 rush, 50 yds / 5 rec, 28 yds
  • (Swe) QB, Linda Widberg – 9/18, 50 yds
  • (Aus) RB, Casey Byrne – 9 rush, 91 yds, 1 td



  • (Swe) DL, Johanna Aspenberg – 6.5 tkls, 2.5 tfl
  • (Swe) DB, Frida Åkesson – 5 tkls, 1 tfl
  • (Swe) LB, Elin Thimfors  – 4.5 tkls, 1 tfl
  • (Aus) LB, Rachelle Ware – 8.5 tkls, 1.5 tfl
  • (Aus) LB, Kelly Whitehead – 4.5 tkls, 2.5 tfl
  • (Aus) DB, Laura St Ruth – 6 tkls, 1 tfl, 1 pbu
  • (Aus) DB, D Herdman – 3.5 tkls, 2 pbu, 1 int

Placement Game II - 13:00

Mexico vs. Germany


Ruutu player: Mexico – Germany

Internationally: AFI Review


Post game press conference:  Mexico – Germany

Team Mexico defeated Team Germany convincingly 28-0 in a game that was much tougher than the score would indicate. Despite the final score, both Team Mexico and Team Germany played tough defense and made scoring a difficult task.

Team Mexico jumped out to an early lead, scoring on a 15 yard pass from quarterback Paulina Diaz to receiver Marlene Gutierrez in the first quarter. The touchdown capped a 72-yard drive, of which running back Andrea Romero accounted for 44 of those yards on the ground. The two point conversion was a successful pass by quarterback Paulina Diaz to receiver Ana Barbosa, making the score MEXICO – 8, GERMANY – 0.

The score would remain the same heading into halftime, with both teams playing tough defense. Team Mexico spent most of the second quarter on Team Germany’s side of the field, but were unable to add to their lead. Team Germany found their way to Mexico’s 35 yard line before being stopped with 21 seconds left in the half.

The third quarter proved to be when Team Mexico would separate themselves from Team Germany in this competition. Running back Andrea Romero scored on a 37 yard run in her team’s opening drive. The two point conversion was a successful run by Karla Granados, making the score MEXICO – 16, GERMANY – 0.

The rest of the third quarter would be centered around very good defense from both teams. Team Mexico was able to force a fumble on team Germany’s side of the field, and gain valuable field position. Germany linebacker Susanne Erdmann would make that field position moot, by recording 3 consecutive sacks to put Team Mexico back at midfield, ending their chances at scoring again. Unfortunately, Team Germany muffed the ensuing punt return, giving Tema Mexico yet another chance. They would not waste that chance, as quarterback Maria Cruz found receiver Thania Garcia in the endzone for a 4 yard touchdown. The extra point attempt was unsuccessful, making the score MEXICO – 22, GERMANY – 0.

The fourth quarter was controlled by Team Mexico, as they were able to get into the redzone twice. With only 50 seconds remaining in the game, Team Mexico finished a 53-yard, 3 minute drive with a 11 yard touchdown pass from quarterback Tania Guzman to receiver Diana Cardenas. The extra point was unsuccessful, making the final score MEXICO – 28, Germany – 0.


Most Valuable Players

  • Mexico – Running Back Andrea Romero
  • Germany – Linebacker Susanne Erdmann


Top Performers


  • (Mex) QB, Paulina Diaz – 11/19, 94 yds, 1 td
  • (Mex) RB, Andrea Romero – 14 rush, 136 yds, 1 td
  • (Mex) WR, Marlene Gutierrez – 3 rec, 41 yds, 1 td
  • (Ger) QB, Mona Stevens – 8/19, 47 yds
  • (Ger) WR, Lisa Vogt – 5 rec, 14 yds



  • (Mex) LB, Naomi Robles – 3 tkls
  • (Mex) DL, Deyna Suarez – 3.5 tkls, 2 tfl
  • (Mex) LB, Melissa Macias -2.5 tkls, 0.5 tfl
  • (Ger) LB, Susanne Erdmann – 8.5 tkls, 4.5 tfl, 2.5 sacks, 1 pbu
  • (Ger) DB, Karen Weiss – 6 tkls

Bronze Medal Game - 16:30

Canada vs. Finland


Post game press conference:  Canada-Finland

Team Finland defeated Team Canada 19-17 in a game that went down to the wire. In a game full of lead changes and momentum changing plays, both teams were able to feel confident as the game came down to the last few minutes to determine the winner.

Team Finland took control of the game immediately, starting with an interception by defensive back Oona Tuomi on Team Canada’s opening drive. Team Finland used that momentum to spend the next 5 minutes & 56 seconds driving 46 yards to Team Canada’s 7 yard line. On fourth down, Laura Pulkkinen was set to attempt a 24 yard field goal, but a high snap over her head ended Team Finland’s drive with an incomplete pass. Team Finland committed turnovers in the following two possessions, courtesy of Team Canada players Haley Girolami & Emmarae Dale.

Team Canada was able to rebound from a bad start, by putting together a 53 yard scoring drive at the end of the first quarter. Quarterback Maude Lacasse connected with Chevrier Annabelle for 13 yards on the drive, then found receiver Virginie Rossel for a 16 yard catch to put Team Canada on the 1 yard line. From there running back Sarah Wright ran in a 1-yard score for the first points of the game. Kristie Eliott made the extra point attempt, making the score CANADA – 7, FINLAND – 0.

Team Canada was able to get on the board a second time, following their second interception giving them the ball on Team Finland’s 45 yard line. Receiver Virginie Rossel made a couple of key catches to move Team Canada to Team Finland’s 7 yard line.  On fourth down, Kristie Eliott made a 24 yard field goal making the score CANADA – 10, FINLAND – 0.

On the legs of running back Tytti Kuusinen, Team Finland was able to drive over 50 yards to set up a field goal attempt. A good snap and hold gave Laura Pulkkinen time to make the 26 yard field goal, making the score CANADA – 10, FINLAND – 3 at halftime.

Team Finland took over the game in the third quarter. Running back Tytti Kuusinen led the way on a 3 minute drive that put Team Finland inside the red zone. Quarterback Emilia Räty connected with receiver Essi Söderholm on an 11 yard pass to put the ball on the 1 yard line. Räty took care of the rest, scoring Team Finland’s first touchdown of the game. Laura Pulkkinen made the extra point, making the score CANADA – 10, FINLAND – 10. Team Finland’s next possession was sparked by a 35 yard run from running back Mari Jääskelä, putting their offense inside the red zone. Running back Tytti Kuusinen rumbled for 12 yards to put her team on the 1 yard line. Once again Quarterback Emilia Räty finished the job, scoring on a 1 yard touchdown run. The extra point attempt was unsuccessful, making the score CANADA – 10, FINLAND – 16.

Team Canada used a heavy passing attack to move the ball in the fourth quarter. Receiver Ricki Obed became quarterback Maude Lacasse’s favorite target. On 3rd & goal, the pair connected for the tying score of the game. Kristie Eliott made the extra point, making the score CANADA – 17, FINLAND – 16 with less than 6 mins remaining in the game.

Team Finland started their final drive at midfield. From there Team Canada’s defense received a heavy dose of running back Mari Jääskelä. After using almost 4 minutes of time, Laura Pulkkinen finished Team Finland’s drive with a 26 yard field goal, making the score CANADA – 17, FINLAND – 19. With only 1:11 remaining in the game, Team Canada was unable to score as time ran out to end the game.

Third bronze medal for Team Finland

Most Valuable Players

  • CANADA – Quarterback Maude Lacasse
  • FINLAND – Running Back/ Kicker Laura Pulkkinen

Top Performers


  • (Can) QB, Maude Lacasse – 17/30, 164 yds, 1 td
  • (Can) Virginie Roussel – 4 rec, 43 yds
  • (Can) Ricki Obed – 3 rec, 45 yds, 1 td
  • (Fin) RB, Tytti Kuusinen – 19 rush, 121 yds, 1 td
  • (Fin) RB, Mari Jääskelä – 12 rush, 84 yds


  • (Can) Emmarae Dale – 7 tkls, 1 tfl, 1 int
  • (Can) Alexandra Ondo – 5 tkls
  • (Can) Haley Girolami – 2 tkls, 1 pbu, 1 int
  • (Fin) LB, Essi Saastamoinen – 7.5 tkls
  • (Fin) DB, Oona Tuomi – 6 tkls, 1 pbu, 1 int

World Championship - 19:30

USA vs. Great Britain



Ruutu player: USA – GB

Internationally: Olympic Channel

Post game press conference: USA vs. Great Britain

Box score: USA – GB

Team USA defeated Team Britain 42-14 to capture the 2022 Women’s Football World Championship gold medal. In a game of two different stories, Team Great Britain gave Team USA quite a fight in the highly anticipated game between two national teams.

Team Great Britain scored the first points in the game, setting the tone for another challenge to Team USA in the Women’s Football World Championships. Receiver Siobhan Walker caught a pass from quarterback Sydney Green, made a few Team USA defenders miss, and ran away for a 69-yard score. Samantha Read made the extra point, making the score USA – 0, GREAT BRITAIN – 7. Team USA responded immediately, using a combination of running backs D’Ajah Scott & Adriana Gutierrez to move the ball down field. A 22 yard pass from quarterback Brittney Bushman to tight end Krishna Lee put Team USA on the 5 yard line. A few plays later, Bushman ran in a score from the 2 yard line for Team USA’s first score of the game. Alania Lange made the extra point, making the score USA – 7, GREAT BRITAIN – 7.

Team USA took control of the game by scoring the next points of the game. Quarterback Brittney Bushman led her team on a 64 yard drive, getting all of her receivers involved in the process. Angela Baker, Katherine Floor, and Chante Bonds each had important catches to get Team USA down to Team Great Britain’s 5 yard line. From there Bushman threw a 5 yard touchdown pass to running back Adriana Gutierrez . Alania Lange made the extra point, making the score USA – 14, GREAT BRITAIN – 7. With almost 4 minutes remaining in the half, Team Great Britain began a 60+ yard drive. On the legs of running back Matta Ruth, Team Great Britain found themselves inside the 10 yard line. Two plays later, Matta Ruth scored on a 5 yard run. Samantha Read made the extra point, making the score USA – 14, GREAT BRITAIN – 14 heading into halftime.

The second half of the game was very different from the first half. Team USA scored on four consecutive possessions to put the game out of contention. Quarterback Brittney Bushman threw 3 more touchdowns to Stephanie Pascual, Maria Jackson, and D’Ajah Scott to put the game out of reach. Alania Lange supplied the extra points, making the score USA – 35, GREAT BRITAIN – 14 with 10 minutes remaining in the game. The final points of the game came on a 21 yard jet sweep-pass from Chante Bonds  to Maria Jackson. Alania Lange made the extra point, making the final score USA – 42, GREAT BRITAIN – 14.

Most Valuable Players

  • USA – Quarterback Brittney Bushman
  • GREAT BRITAIN – Matta Ruth


Top Performers


  • (USA) QB, Brittney Bushman – 19/27, 201 yds, 4 tds
  • (USA) RB, D’Ajah Scott – 22 rush, 111 yds
  • (USA) WR, Maria Jackson – 4 rec, 58 yds, 2 tds
  • (GB) QB, Sydney Green – 4/17, 80 yds, 1 td
  • (GB) RB/WR, Siobhan Walker – 4 rec, 80 yds, 1 td
  • (GB) RB, Matta Ruth – 14 rush, 60 yds, 1 td



  • (USA) LB, Darcy Leslie – 4.5 tkls, 1 tfl
  • (USA) DL, Danielle Fournier – 3.5 tkls
  • (GB) DB, Phoebe Schecter – 11 tkls, 1 pbu
  • (GB) DB, Lucy Peaty – 9 tkls, 0.5 tfl
  • (GB) DL, Delta Npuna – 4.5 tkls, 2 tfl, 1 sack