Fourth Women´s World Championship for Team USA

Team USA defeated Team Britain 42-14 to capture the 2022 Women’s Football World Championship gold medal. In a game of two different stories, Team Great Britain gave Team USA quite a fight in the highly anticipated game between two national teams. Team Great Britain scored the first points in the game, setting the tone for […]

World Championship bronze for Team Finland

Team Finland defeated Team Canada 19-17 in a game that went down to the wire. In a game full of lead changes and momentum changing plays, both teams were able to feel confident as the game came down to the last few minutes to determine the winner. Team Finland took control of the game immediately, […]

Mexico ended tournament with a victory over Germany

Team Mexico defeated Team Germany convincingly 28-0 in a game that was much tougher than the score would indicate. Despite the final score, both Team Mexico and Team Germany played tough defense and made scoring a difficult task. Team Mexico jumped out to an early lead, scoring on a 15 yard pass from quarterback Paulina […]

Australia beat Sweden and finished seventh in the WWC2022

Team Australia outlasted Team Sweden 7-0 in an evenly matched game. Neither team was able to create a noticeable advantage throughout the game, but Team Australia did manage to score the only points of the game to get the win. Team Sweden and Team Australia both spent the first half of the game feeling each […]

Naisten MM-kisoissa pelataan sunnuntaina mitaleista Vantaalla

Vantaalla pelatut amerikkalaisen jalkapallon MM-kisat huipentuvat sunnuntain mitalipeleihin. Suomi pelaa klo 16:30 pronssista vastassaan kaikissa aiemmissa MM-kisoissa hopealle yltänyt Kanada. Mestaruudesta taistelevat USA ja Iso-Britannia. Amerikkalaisen jalkapallon MM-kisojen pronssiottelussa Suomi tavoittelee MM-historiansa kolmatta pronssista mitalia. Edellisissä MM-kisoissa Kanadan Langleyssä 2017 Suomi jäi mitalipelien ulkopuolelle ja oli lopulta kisojen viides. Iso-Britannia on ensimmäinen eurooppalainen joukkue, joka […]