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Finland names its first training squad of 2022

Team Finland HC Mika Eloranta has named first training squad of 2022. Finland is a host for 2022 IFAF Women´s World Championship played in Vantaa next summer.

90 of the best female players in Finland will come together at Pajulahti Olympic training center in Nastola on Saturday 7. May. Mika Eloranta and his coaching staff have looked at numerous things in putting training squad together including performances in previous international games.

HC Eloranta says:

-For the last month, we have gone through videos and data from previous years about Finnish female players with our coaching staff. Based on this, we decided to invite 90 women to the national team qualifiers. In a few positions, we had to make really difficult decisions already at this point, so I’m looking forward to the camp when the women get to show off their skills and compete against each other for a place in the final follow-up camp. After the first camp, we will also be watching women’s games before making the final selections.

The final selections will be made at the camp the week before championships July 25.-28.2022. 

Training Squad, OFFENSE


Anni Alm QB Mikkeli Bouncers
Jonna Hakkarainen QB Turku Trojans
Emmi Kolehmainen QB Mikkeli Bouncers
Pia Kosonen QB Helsinki Wolverines
Emilia Räty QB Tampere Saints
Minna Tiainen QB Helsinki Wolverines

Mari Jääskelä RB Helsinki Wolverines
Lea Kaszas RB Turku Trojans
Emilia Kemppi RB Mikkeli Bouncers
Tytti Kuusinen RB Boston Renegades / Wolverines
Aino Lepojärvi RB Oulu Northern Lights
Sini Lilja RB Lohja Lionesses
Lillian Nuutinen RB Seinäjoki Crocodiles
Laura Pulkkinen RB Turku Trojans
Eliisa Tuisku RB Helsinki Roosters
Lotta Ahonen WR Tampere Saints
Sanni Heikkinen WR Raisio Raisio West Coast Phoenix
Tiia Jansen WR Raisio West Coast Phoenix
Emmi Järn WR Helsinki Wolverines
Laura Karhu WR Kotka Eagles
Milla Korhonen WR Mikkeli Bouncers
Anna Martola WR Helsinki Wolverines
Kirsti Nirhamo WR Turku Trojans
Suvi Partanen WR Turku Trojans
Noora Saros WR Tampere Saints
Janna-Jemina Seiles WR Boston Renegades / Lionesses
Essi Söderholm WR Helsinki Wolverines
Anne Byman OL Jyväskylä Jaguars
Diana Heikkerö OL Helsinki Wolverines
Annika Heino OL Tampere Saints
Laura Hiltunen OL Helsinki Roosters
Minttu Hurme OL Helsinki Wolverines
Maarit Huttunen OL Tampere Saints
Elina Koskelainen OL Turku Trojans
Anna-Maija Kuitunen OL Lohja Lionesses
Sara Lehtonen OL Birmingham Lions
Tiitu Myrsky OL Helsinki Wolverines
Ninni Mäkinen OL Turku Trojans
Venla Nikula OL Helsinki Wolverines
Jenni Patana OL Jyväskylä Jaguars
Heli Rontu OL Turku Trojans
Aino-Kaisa Saarenpää OL Helsinki Wolverines
Leena Tuikkala OL Oulu Northern Lights
Eveliina Välimäki OL Turku Trojans
Oona Ylinen OL Oulu Northern Lights

Training Squad, DEFENSE

Henna-Maija Alakoskela DL Tampere Saints
Anni Alanko DL Helsinki Wolverines
Riikka Kallio DL Helsinki Wolverines
Iida Kiikeri DL Vaasa Royals
Christina Kylmäluoma DL Tampere Saints
Roosa Laitinen DL Oulu Northern Lights
Minna Lehtinen DL Helsinki Wolverines
Kristiina Pekkala DL Tampere Saints
Laura Pekkarinen DL Mikkeli Bouncers
Mila Puska DL Kotka Eagles
Sini Ramela DL Helsinki Wolverines
Riikka Roivainen DL Mikkeli Bouncers
Leena Rönkä DL Tampere Saints
Iina Tiihonen DL Jyväskylä Jaguars
Satu Tykkyläinen DL Mikkeli Bouncers
Eveliina Virtanen DL Tampere Saints
Laura Ainamo LB Helsinki Wolverines
Natalia Blomster LB Oulu Northern Lights
Sarina Forsblom LB Tampere Saints
Aino Joro LB Raisio West Coast Phoenix
Nelly Karhu LB Tampere Saints
Iida Koivula LB Tampere Saints
Evi Laajapuro LB Mikkeli Bouncers
Tiina Möttönen LB Helsinki Wolverines
Janika Nikander LB Helsinki Wolverines
Riikka Pietikäinen LB Oulu Northern Lights
Hilkka Rahkonen LB Turku Trojans
Essi Saastamoinen LB Turku Trojans
Tuuli Aho DB Hämeenlinna Tigers
Saara Asikainen DB Mikkeli Bouncers
Janna Hakala DB Tampere Saints
Jenna Hautamäki DB Helsinki Wolverines
Veera Jalava DB Tampere Saints
Anja-Liisa Killenberger DB Helsinki Wolverines
Iida Kivioja DB Oulu Northern Lights
Nana Olavuo DB DC Divas
Anni Pajunen DB Mikkeli Bouncers
Niina Pehkonen DB Tampere Saints
Kati Pulakka DB Seinäjoki Crocodiles
Heta Rantanen DB Helsinki Wolverines
Hanna Ropanen DB Turku Trojans
Jenni Suorsa DB Oulu Northern Lights
Oona Tuomi DB Turku Trojans
Jonna Tuovinen DB Minnesota Vixen / Tre Saints
Linnea Uggeldahl DB Helsinki Wolverines
Olga Wasenius DB Turku Trojans


Download:  Team Finland Practice Squad #1

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