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Finland’s women secured a 10-0 victory against Sweden in their European Championship series match

Finland’s women’s American football team secured their first victory in the European Championship series, defeating Sweden in Stockholm with a score of 0-10 (0-3) on Saturday.

Defending the European title, Finland kept their chances alive to compete for the championship by winning a tight defensive battle against Sweden with a score of 0-10. Both teams’ defenses dominated the field, and scoring was limited in the game.

Finland opened the scoring in the second quarter with a 3-point field goal by Annika Kyröläinen. In the third quarter, Finland’s quarterback Essi Söderholm extended the lead with a touchdown run, making it 9-0, and Kyröläinen sealed the final score at 0-10 with a successful extra-point kick.

Finland’s defense played a strong game in Stockholm. Anni Alanko, awarded as Finland’s best player, effectively disrupted Sweden’s offensive plays along with Essi Saastamoinen. DB’s Nelli Malk and Oona Tuomi each recorded interceptions. Tiia Jansen successfully recovered the ball for Finland after the Swedes fumbled a punt reception in the final quarter of the game.

Quarterback Söderholm had to leave the game in the last quarter after taking a hit in a tackling situation. Nea Törmänen, who took on the crucial position, handled her duties reliably, and Finland ultimately secured the victory in a low-scoring game.

One of the most relieved individuals on the sidelines on Saturday was Finland’s head coach Samu Juppo, for whom the win marked the first in his coaching career.

Both teams had suffered losses in their opening games of the series earlier in the summer. Sweden lost to Great Britain 0-40 in May, and Finland surprisingly fell to Spain 0-12. Finland has remaining games in the series against Germany and Great Britain, both scheduled for the summer of 2024.


Data & stats: Naisten EM-sarja tulokset

Photo: Tero Turunen


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