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Germany better in defensive showcase

Team Germany defeated Team Sweden 6-0 in a defensive showcase by both teams. Combined, the two teams total under 350 yards of total offense, and had 6 turnovers. It was a close one until the very end, as neither team would allow their opponents opportunity to score points.

Team Sweden and Team Germany both struggled to score early in this game. Team Sweden was able to move the ball consistently with their running game using a combination of running back Elin Luuk and quarterback Linda Widberg. Unfortunately, in the pass game, Team Sweden was picked off 3 times in the first half, giving Team Germany additional opportunities to move the ball themselves.

Team Germany utilized a more balanced approach, attempting to get the ball into their playmaking skill players Pia Schwarz, Ellen Riess, & Lisa Vogt. As hard as they tried, the defense of Team Sweden was able to stop them from ever putting together any scoring drives in the first half.

The first half did not have any scoring, ending SWEDEN – 0, GERMANY 0. Despite three turnovers, Team Sweden was in control of the game at half, with almost 15 mins time of possession in comparison to 9 mins for Team Germany.

Team Germany put the first points up in this game, with a 31-yard long pass from quarterback Silvana Friese into the hands of receiver Ellen Riess. The extra point attempt was unsuccessful, making the score GERMANY – 6, SWEDEN – 0. The remainder of the third quarter was quiet, as both teams settled in defensively for the second half of play.

Team Sweden began the 4th quarter with a 11-play, 66-yard drive that took 5:27 of playing time. Unfortunately, they were not able to turn the long drive into points, as Team Germany’s defense held strong in the red zone. Team Germany was not able to do anything with the ball on offense, with Team Sweden immediately intercepting a pass to put them back inside of Team Germany’s red zone area. Once again, the defense was able to hold up against a barrage of running plays involving Sweden running back  Elin Luuk, to force another turnover on downs.

Those would be the closest chances Team Sweden had to score in the second half of this game, both tries unsuccessful. Team Germany would hold onto their initial lead from the third quarter to win the game, GERMANY – 6, SWEDEN – 0.


Most Valuable Players

  • Sweden – Running Back Elin Luuk
  • Germany – Wide Receiver Ellen Riess


Top Performers


  • (Ger) QB, Silvana Friese – 6/20, 101 yds, 1 td
  • (Ger) WR, Pia Schwarz – 5 rush, 14 yds
  • (Ger) WR, Ellen Riess – 3 rec, 66 yds, 1 td
  • (Ger) WR, Lisa Vogt – 2 rec, 15 yds
  • (Swe) RB, Elin Luuk – 30 rush, 159 yds
  • (Swe) QB, Linda Widberg – 14 rush, 36 yds



  • (Ger) LB, Leonie Stockmann – 7 tkls, 1 int, 0.5 tfl
  • (Ger) DL, Jessica Oehmke – 8 tkls, 0.5 tfl
  • (Ger) Anna-Lena Kronenberg – 8 tkls, 2.5 tfl
  • (Ger) DB, Carina Liebenthal – 2.5 tkls, 2 int
  • (Swe) LB, Elin Thimfors – 5 tkls, 3 tfl, 1 sack
  • (Swe) DB, Hedvig Palocci – 5.5 tkls



Photo: Geoff White

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