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Helsinki-bound refrees announced

The Officiating Staff for the Women’s World Championship in Finland is now confirmed following a nomination and selection process carried out during April and May.

Drawn from 11 nations across 3 continents the officials will showcase officiating talent from around the world.

Davie Parsons, IFAF Supervisor of Officials for the tournament, who led the process said.

-I am looking forward to the Championship with confidence in the knowledge we have been able to assemble a group of highly experienced and competent Officials from all over the world. The support and cooperation demonstrated by our member nations throughout the process has been fantastic and made the task that much easier to complete.

In the build up to the tournament the officials will work together through online discussion and training sessions on Rules, Rule Interpretations, Mechanics and Officiating Philosophy. Ethics, Competition Manipulation, Physical Fitness and Wellbeing initiatives will also be included.

Allied to the work of the officials  there will be a considerable number of off-field staff supporting the officials with roles inclusive of chain crew personnel and the operating of Scoreboards, Game Clocks and Play Clocks, IFAF is grateful to SAJL to proving volunteers to these crucial roles.

Referees and their nationality

Pamela Tuft Australia
John Scott Milway Australia
Emily Clarke Canada
Taylor Mickleboro Canada
Veikko Lamminsalo Finland
Jenny Holmberg Finland
Terhi Julkunen Finland
Harri Toijala Finland
Radek Janhuba Finland
Tommi Lindroos Finland
Juuso Karppinen Finland
Cornelia Angermeier Germany
Gudrun Hillebrand Germany
Jessica Ringelstein Germany
Susannah Taylor Great Britain
Alisha Darkins Great Britain
Stuart Young Great Britain
Edo Cohen Israel
Itamar Lotan Israel
Anette Maret Bach Brenders Norway
Gunnar Flaarud Norway
Marcin Szczepański Poland
Oliwia Kamieniecka Poland
Ewa Walentynowicz Poland
Rikard Hellgren Sweden
Jim Kaya Sweden
Desirée S. Abrams USA
Courtney Orr USA


Source: IFAF

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