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Jenkkifutiksessa tapahtuu

The Finnish flag football championships were decided indoors

The Finnish Flag Football championships were decided indoors during The Week of Finnish Championships, a special event organized by sport governing bodies and Finnish Olympic Committee. This year the championships went to Turku and Helsinki.

The flag football championship tournament invited the top four teams from both the men’s and women’s GP series. Competing for the men’s championship were Helsinki FlagLions, Trojans Fredrik (Turku), Rusko Roadmen, and Jyväskylä Flaguars. Among the women’s teams, the participants included HFF Mummelines (Helsinki), Trojans Doris (Turku), Kouvola Indians, and Tampere Saints.

The men’s championship was won by the Helsinki-based FlagLions. It was already the team’s third consecutive championship. Led by national team quarterback Miro Kadmiry, the team has never lost to a Finnish team throughout its history. In the tournament semi-final game, FlagLions defeated Rusko Roadmen with a score of 45-12, and in the final match, they crushed Jyväskylä Flaguars decisively with a score of 56-6.

In the women’s final, a real thriller unfolded. The favorite going into the game, Trojans Doris, was first shocked as the underdog team, Kouvola Indians, made a lightning-fast touchdown on their very first attempt. As the game progressed, Trojans took the lead and was already preparing to celebrate the championship when Indians managed to score a touchdown in the final minute of the game, leveling the score with a successful two-point conversion. The match was decided in overtime, where first Trojans defender Kirsti Nirhamo intercepted the Indians quarterback’s pass, and then on the following offensive drive, the team’s young quarterback Lotta Wulff delivered the ball into the end zone. The victory went to Trojans with a score of 26-20.

FlagLions won their third consecutive championship.
For Trojans, the championship was their first in history

Men’s tournament


  • Helsinki FlagLions – Rusko Roadmen  45 – 12 
  • Jyväskylä Flaguars – Trojans Fredrik  0 – 33



  • Bronze,  Rusko Roadmen – Trojans Fredrik 42 – 8
  • Championship, Helsinki FlagLions – Jyväskylä Flaguars  56 -6


Women’s tournament


  • HFF Mummelines – Trojans Doris  6 – 15 
  • Kouvola Indians – Tampere Saints  33 – 6



  • Bronze,  HFF Mummelines – Tampere Saints  39 – 19
  • Championship, Trojans Doris – Kouvola Indians  26 – 20

2025 the final tournament will be played in Espoo

The Week of Champions, organized by the Finnish Olympic Committee, was held unusually in winter because the Paris Olympics, scheduled for July, will occupy organizers’ main focus in the summer. In 2025, The Week of Champions will be held traditionally in August. The host city for next year is Espoo.


Photo credits: Laura Helminen

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