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Today marks exactly six months until the Flag Football World Championships


The all-time largest Flag Football World Championships will be held in Finland from August 27 to August 30, 2024. Today marks exactly six months until the opening of the games to be held in Lahti. The Flag Football World Championships are among the sporting events that the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture granted major event subsidies to last week.

The Finnish American Football Association, in collaboration with Pajulahti Sports Institute, is organizing the largest competition event in the history of the American football family. So far, teams from over 30 countries have registered for the World Championships. The registration of over 60 teams for the tournament signifies the arrival of over a thousand athletes and officials in Lahti.

With Flag Football’s Olympic status, the international attention to the games will be significant. Delegations are expected to attend from various organizations, including the International Olympic Committee, the NFL professional league, and the 2025 World Games organization from Chengdu, China. Additionally, media interest, especially in the United States, is expected to be substantial according to preliminary information. All nearly 200 matches of the games will be streamed as live broadcasts worldwide.

The Flag Football World Championships in August will bring nearly a thousand athletes to Finland and Lahti to compete for medals.

Significant Major Event Grant for the World Championships from the Ministry of Education and Culture

In recent years, the Ministry of Education and Culture (OKM) has directed its financial support towards the application, preparation, and execution of events held in Finland. The major event grants from the Ministry aim to ensure the success of events and enable comprehensive planning for their realization. According to the government program, Finland seeks to further enhance its role as an organizer of international sports events and activities.

On February 22, 2024, Minister of Sports, Youth, and Culture Sandra Bergqvist announced the grants for sports championships and major events for the 2024–2025 season. Grants were awarded to 35 prestigious championships and other sports events, totaling two million euros.

The Flag Football World Championships 2024 is one of the most significant major events held in Finland during the review period, reflected in the grant awarded by the Ministry of Education and Culture. The grant allocated for the championships is the fourth largest on the list, amounting to 120,000 euros.

The Flag Football World Championships will take place from August 27 to August 30, 2024, in Lahti. The preliminary matches will be played at the Pajulahti Sports Resorts fields, and the medals will be contested in front of a large audience at Lahti Stadium. The championships, flag football, and the global pulse of flag football will be visible throughout the streets of Lahti during the entire eventful week in August.

The top five supported major events for 2024–2025 are:

  1. Men’s Basketball EuroBasket 2025, (€300,000)
  2. Men’s Basketball U18 EuroBasket 2024, (€150,000)
  3. Men’s Ice Hockey U18 World Championships 2024, (€125,000)
  4. Flag Football World Championships 2024, (€120,000)
  5. Athletics U20 European Championships 2025, (€110,000)
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