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Turku Trojans’ women won their second consecutive championship.

Turku Trojans won their second consecutive Finnish championship last Saturday. Helsinki Wolverines were defeated at the Myyrmäki football stadium in Vantaa with a score of 0-23 (0-9).

Turku Trojans went into the Women’s Maple League final as the underdogs. The Helsinki team had dominated both of the teams’ regular season meetings and won the regular season convincingly. However, on Saturday, Wolverines were powerless against the Turku onslaught.

The first quarter of the final was evenly matched. The first scoring play didn’t come until the second quarter, when Trojans gained possession of the ball from a fumble on Wolverines’ 35-yard line. The ball wasn’t played into the end zone, but Laura Pulkkinen, who was a key player in winning bronze medal for Finland in the World Championships, successfully kicked a field goal through the uprights, giving Trojans a 0-3 lead.

Trojans had devised a good game plan which ultimately led to a dominant victory in the final. Jonna Hakkarainen, who announced her retirement after the game, bid a glorious farewell to the fields by throwing two touchdowns and running one in. Lea Kazsas, who was named the most impressive player of the game, made the most yards by carrying the ball 20 times for a total of 89 yards.

Essi Saastamoinen, the game’s MVP, played a decisive role in Trojans’ victory with the team’s rock-solid defense. Saastamoinen made 9.5 tackles, including 3.5 behind the line of scrimmage. Before the game, Wolverines’ head coach Pekka Lamminsalo had said that his team would focus on avoiding Saastamoinen’s tackles. The plan didn’t succeed, and Wolverines only managed to advance the ball for 120 yards in the game.

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